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Master the natural light in your home with automated privacy curtains, room-darkening shades, or light-diffusing blinds—all at the touch of a button.

We are approved specialists providing expert advice across the entire market of the world's leading automated blind & curtain systems to suit your individual budget and lifestyle.

Create the perfect atmosphere in seconds with expertly installed, automated blinds or curtains.

Watching an afternoon film at home? Press a button to block out daylight with room-darkening shades. Preparing for bedtime? Schedule your window treatments to close at the same time every evening. Hard-to-reach windows? Install automated blinds to shut at the touch of a button.

Need natural light to wake up? Set the curtains in your bedroom to open with the sun.

We work with leading manufacturers of automated blinds and curtains to create a system that works with your smart home design, including battery-powered and electric options. It all starts with a free on-site survey of your space.

A leader in light control, Lutron creates a stunning wireless shading system that can be implemented throughout your whole home.

We’ll help you choose from Lutron’s vast inventory of automated shading options, including Venetian blinds, drapery, pleated shades, and more. In addition, Lutron offers precision control for all their products, allowing you to remotely control blinds in one room or all your rooms at once.

Ultimately, we use Lutron’s exceptional products to design an automated blinds and curtains system that’s custom-built for your home and needs.

U.K.-based Appeal Shading specialises in sophisticated shading solutions for modern homes. They offer over 400 different products, with options to fit every style of home.

We’ll walk you through Appeal’s best smart window treatments for your space and needs. Using Appeal’s top-of-the-line blinds, shades, or curtains, we’ll design the perfect automated system to enhance your smart home

"Cristian has a very calm and professional manner. When he came to give me a quote he did not start trying to do the work on the spot as others did. When the job turned out to be more complicated and time-consuming than expected, Cristian got on with it without complaining and did not try to increase the amount quoted. Most importantly, I am very pleased with the final result."

Qmotion is always at the forefront of innovative design for automated window treatments, and we’re proud to install their products.

With both battery-powered and electric options, Qmotion offers flexible solutions for any window in your home. Their roller shade collection features a variety of high-quality fabrics to softly diffuse light or to keep your space completely dark.

We’ll help you pinpoint the best Qmotion shades for your smart home, and then we’ll design and install everything to our high standards of perfection.