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Control4 Home Automation: What to Know About Control4 OS3

By July 2, 2019July 13th, 2023No Comments
Control4 home automation OS3 is a great improvement

If you currently have a Control4 lighting system or any Control4 home automation installed, you’ll want to read this article. Control4 just released their latest operating system: Control4 OS3. And the new update is a big one.

More than 1,000 improvements were made to the system for a night-and-day difference. The new OS completely unifies all your Control4-controlled devices, from security to lighting to entertainment. But the changes are most noticeable in the beautiful and intuitive user experience. New sleek interfaces have been designed for ultimate convenience.

So, even if you’re new to Control4, you might just become a fan.

Let’s look at some of the most impressive Control4 OS3 benefits and features.


With Control4 OS3, it’s easier than ever to see and control everything inside your home.

Control4 home automation is top of the line, partly because their offerings are so extensive. Some homeowners may have upwards of 100 connected smart devices!

But, while it’s amazing to have a connected smart home, it also means that control can be a little tedious. Previously, you may have found yourself swiping through several screens looking for the one device in that one room that you want to turn on. That could often be frustrating and time-consuming.

The Control4 OS3 has created some key features that eliminate this problem, making it easier than ever to locate the device (or multiple devices) you want to turn on:

An “Active Media” bar is added to the top of your control screen

Whether you’re using your smartphone, your television screen, or a dedicated Control4 tablet control screen, you’ll see the Active Media bar running along the very top. It displays any music or entertainment (like videos) that are currently playing anywhere in your home.

You can now “filter” the view on your control screen

The filtering function allows you to see certain types of devices, or specific rooms, front and centre. For example, if you want to see if any of your smart shades are still raised but don’t want to flip through every single room to check, just filter the view to only display the smart shades in your home.

A new “Favourites” section is customizable for instant access to what you use the most

Now, you can customize a “Favourites” section for each room. For example, in your bedroom, select the devices you use the most—like your bedside lamp and your television—and they’ll appear first on the bedroom screen. No more searching through devices to find the one device you’re always looking for.

The new Control4 OS3 has beautiful enhancements to the aesthetics of your control screens

With this upgrade, the Control4 team understood that the look of your control screen is a big part of the overall user experience. So, they made sure to include plenty of helpful updates to the aesthetics of your Control4 home automation system.

Now, you can personalize the wallpaper of your control screens

The new OS3 includes an option to customize the background wallpaper for each of your control screens. This is especially good news for your wall-mounted control screens or your televisions. You can choose a wallpaper to make your screens look more like works of art than pieces of tech. Or, you can upload an image of your wall to be the wallpaper on your screen—so that your screens blend into the background.

Plus, touch-screen icons are bigger and easier to use

If you ever felt like the icons on your Control4 screens were just a bit too small to be comfortable, you’re in luck. Now, icons are bigger so that they’re easier to spot and to use.



Music, entertainment, and audio get an upgrade with Control4 OS3

Control4 also focused on audio quality in this OS upgrade. These improvements are significant and will be -appreciated by most homeowners—but especially those who identify as audiophiles.

Finally, you can get precision volume control with volume sliders

Before, Control4 systems used a button-like volume control. But changing the volume via tiny taps on a faux button quickly got tiring. So, the new slide volume controls are a welcome feature.

Control4 OS3 offer Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) support for all connected devices

For the non-audiophiles, MQA is something that’s usually only found in very expensive and audio-specific equipment. So, to have that level of audio quality supported in all your connected devices is a big deal. It means that just by upgrading your Control4 system, you’ll be getting better audio quality throughout your entire home!


Upgrading to Control4 OS3 is simple

Whether you’ve already got a Control4 home automation system installed or you’re thinking about getting one, don’t miss out on the perks of the Control4 OS3. Luckily, getting it installed throughout your home requires little to no effort for you.

To take advantage of all the exciting benefits of the new Control4 OS3, just contact Grand AV. We’ve been working with Control4 for years and know how to set up your new OS3 without disrupting the rhythm of your daily life.

Head to our Contact page for a quick chat about how we can help.

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